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Cypress Cove

Shopping The Boutiques EDT

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Picturesque small towns are filled with shops and upscale boutiques.  You know that lovely scent when you walk into a fine boutique? Its a blend of fine fragrances, with a hint of luxury.  Shopping The Boutiques recreates the feeling with floral, spicy, and grapefruit notes. Energetic and curious, it is the perfect blend to evoke a spring day exploring fine shops. 

In addition - because we live in Texas - this scent includes two ingredients that mosquitos hate; grapefruit essential oil and Citronellol. 

Wear it and feel the happy vibe of our small town main streets.

No Phthalates - No Parabens - No Sulfates - Vegan - Cruelty Free 

Scent Family: Floral and Citrus

Fragrance Notes:  Citrus, Peony, White Tea, Vanilla

Feels like: A fun afternoon; Pretty and Glamorous